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Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Modafinil
Indication: Cognitive Enhancers
Manufacturer: Sunrise Pharma
Packaging: 10 tablets in 1 strip
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What is Modafresh 200mg?

If you are experiencing that you often sleep during the day while studying and working, even while performing important tasks. Then you are suffering from narcolepsy. And it needs to be treated as soon as possible or else it can lead to brain disorders. Such a situation in life is dangerous because if the person does a job that requires a high amount of concentration, then he may get fired from the job. And the dangerous aspect is that the person gets asleep suddenly without even the person recognizing it.

In life concentration and determination are the most important aspects for achieving success in life. Use Modafresh 200mg and Buy Modafresh 200mg Online from for getting cured of narcolepsy and working efficiently in daily activities.


Talking about the origin of Modafresh 200mg one has to go to the United States of America (USA). This is because Modafresh 200mg is a product of Sunrise Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd headquartered in the USA. The brand is one of the leaders in the medical industry. Its products varied from simple headache treating pills to heart disorders curing medicines as well.

Along with the efficient manufacturing system the company also has a well-built distribution system. This allows the company’s products to be available in most of the countries such as the UK, Russia, France, Germany, Argentina, Chile, India and China etc.

What it is made of?

Modafinil is the main ingredient of the drug which constitutes most of the drug. The other parts of the drugs are constituted with catalysts and preservatives that facilitate the effective functioning of the work. Modafresh 200 tablet is quite a known chemical compound in the treatment of narcolepsy. Hence, make sure that you consult a doctor and get the necessary prescription.

Any authorized reason will never sell a pill of Modafresh 200 mg without checking the prescription. If it does, then it can be fake and fraudulent.

When to take Modafresh 200 Pills?

Anyone can take the drug if he has been verified of being a patient of narcolepsy by a doctor. Taking the drug without a prescription can prove harmful to the patient’s body. So, there are no special provisions but just get the clearance from the doctor.

Why take Modafresh 200mg?

If you have been reading the article and come up here, then you must know the reason for taking Modafresh 200mg. The main reason is that you should be a patient of narcolepsy.

If not understood then, if you get asleep suddenly in the middle of an important job. And it mostly happens during the daytime then get consulted by the doctor because these are the symptoms of narcolepsy. In many conditions, due to lack of awareness and education, such disorders are left untreated and take a monstrous shape.

How to take the drug?

  • Well, there are some steps within which if the drug is taken, it shows its full potential in its war against the drug.
  • Modafresh 200 mg is one of the many water-soluble drugs present on the market. This means one needs to take the drug with a glass of water. Such drugs activate only if their dissolved form.
  • The drug is an item that increases the alertness in our body. On the other hand, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and recreational drugs are known to make the person sleep and reduced efficiency. Hence, if you take the pills with addictive products the efficiency of the pill is reduced.
  • Take the drug as per the dosage and strength are given in the prescription. Doing any change while taking the dosage or strength can lead to serious consequences. This is because people fail to understand the importance of strength and dosage. Though two people may be narcolepsy patients this does not mean that their strength and dosage will be identical. It mostly depends on your past medical records, allergies to specific substances, and the amount the patient needs and other factors only known to the patient.
  • Therefore, if your current dosage is not showing you any great improvements. This does not mean you become the doctor and increase the number of pills in your dose. Doing this will not help you in getting cured of the disorder but give rise to side effects due to overdose of the drug.

Working mechanism

The working mechanism involves the work that goes inside our body to make the drug prove functional in treating the sleep disorder. Here, the main job of the modafresh 200 is to keep the person awake and alert. The main reasons for narcolepsy are faulty sleep timing and durations. Swear by your hear how many people sleep for more than 6 hours a day without any works laden in their minds.

The alertness is maintained by increasing the levels of histamine, a neurotransmitter in the body. It keeps the information from the organs to the central nervous keep coming in. This keeps the mind always working most of the time to avoid any time for rest and sleep. Often while treating narcolepsy the body enters flight or fight mode. In other words, it is called emergency mode. The body is fully charged up by an increase in blood pressure, the body temperature increases, pulse rate increases due to the release of adrenaline hormone, also known as an emergency hormone.

Side effects


  • Such side effects are common and disappear after few minutes. If hypertension becomes too severe then call the doctor immediately.

Excessive sweating

  • One of the most evident side effects is sweating in large amounts. Sweat even comes from palms during such situations.


  • Take the drug only if the doctor has prescribed you. Some people think that just sleeping during the day is a guarantee of narcolepsy. It must be confirmed by the doctor.
  • If you are currently under the medication of some other drug, then only take Modafresh 200mg after consulting with the doctor.
  • Above all give the drug some time to act. It will not act as soon as you take the drug.
  • Follow the prescription by the doctor with a cent per cent accuracy.

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